Monday, February 2, 2009

Szechuan Chicken from Imperial Dynasty

I returned to Imperial Dynasty in Longwood, FL and ordered the Szechuan Chicken early bird dinner.

Wonton soup and an egg roll were the included appetizers. Similar to my experience on my last visit, I found the soup to be a bit too salty. Everything else about the soup is good except for the saltiness. I had no complaints about the pork egg roll.
Egg Roll & Wonton Soup
Szechuan Chicken was a good choice. I wanted something spicy, and this dish definitely provided that. The chicken was cooked with carrots, cabbage, scallions, and onions, and was served with brown rice. I'm sometimes disappointed with chicken dishes in Chinese Restaurants, but I had no complaints about this Szechuan Chicken!
szechuan chicken and brown rice
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Nina said...

I'm going to try Szechuan Chicken. It's father's day in UK (England) this Sunday and i will cook it for my dad, husband , children and mum. I don't normally cook, so let's see how it goes - i will come back and tell all about it. thanks


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