Tuesday, August 25, 2009

P.F. Chang's in Westbury, NY

P.F. Changs
I ate at the P.F. Chang's in The Source Mall in Westbury, NY. I ordered the Singapore Street Noodles. It consisted of chicken and shrimp with assorted vegetables, all served over noodles. I liked it! Interestingly, this dish was not marked as spicy on the menu, but it ended up having a nice kick to it. Someone else at the table ordered something that was supposed to be spicy, and it had a really sweet sauce. I could see people sending their food back over an issue like that, but I liked my noodles the way they were!
Singapore Street Noodles
This stone warrior was looking over our table. I decided he was worthy of having his photo taken...
P.F. Changs Dessert Guard

P.F. Chang's China Bistro on Urbanspoon


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