Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trinity in Floral Park, NY

The original plan was to eat dinner at a diner, but after discussing how expensive most diners on Long Island became, we decided to try something new and go to a nicer restaurant (hopefully in the same price range). We ended up at a good Irish Pub in Floral Park, NY called Trinity.

The meal started out with a basket of Irish Soda Bread, crackers, and really good scones. Someone at the table ordered a beer, and somehow they put this clover design in the beer head. I've never seen anything like this in beer and have no idea how it's made.
trinity beer clover
I ordered Fish & Chips for my meal. I normally don't go for the fried fish, but this was pretty good. Drenching everything on the plate with lemon juice and malt vinegar makes it so much better though!
trinity fish and chips
Someone else at the table ordered a Chicken Pot Pie. I traded a piece of fish for half of the pie and really liked it. It was one of the best chicken pot pies that I have eaten in a long time.
trinity chicken pot pie
Another person at the table ordered Bangers and Mash. They didn't finish, so I tried one of the leftover sausages. It had a somewhat unique taste that I couldn't quite place, but was still good. Not as good as the Chicken Pot Pie though.
bangers and mash
I really enjoyed Trinity and I'm glad I found it. It was way better than a diner!

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tasty chomps said...

yumm...have you been to fiddlers green in winter park?

Watch Me Eat said...

No. I've never tried Fiddlers Green. It's on my list of places to try though!

Tom G said...

I'm originally from Floral Park and have enjoyed your reviews of King Umberto's (love the grandma pies) and Stop 20 Diner. I haven't been to Trinity yet but plan on going next time I visit. Are from Long Island also? btw great pics of the food too!



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