Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jimmy John's in the UCF Arena

jimmy john's
I have heard good things about Jimmy John's sandwiches. I finally had the opportunity to try Jimmy John's at the location inside of the UCF area, and I can't say I was very impressed. The bread was mushy, white, squished, and soggy all at once. The tuna in the sandwich tasted okay, but there wasn't too much of it on the sandwich and the amount of lettuce and sprouts was just sad. After eating this sandwich, I now know the reason why the nearby Subway is always busy and Jimmy John's is always empty.
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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Johns uses fresher ingredients than Subway but they skimp on everything. Every year the "recipe" calls for less and less to save on money and screw the customer over. This is coming from someone who has worked at Subway and Jimmy Johns. Corporate Greed at its best.

Anonymous said...

You both are idiots. You got a tuna and wondered why it's a little soggy? Stop being a pussy and get the vito with cherry peppers. Fuck Yeah JJ's!

Anonymous said...

The UCF Jimmy Johns is ALWAYS busy! You are insane. Since you have obviously only been there the one time and enjoy Subway's over processed fake meats, how could anyone expect you to enjoy or know anything about Jimmy Johns.


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