Monday, January 25, 2010

Pacino's in Kissimmee, FL

Pacino's Italian Ristorante
I ate dinner at Pacino's Italian Ristorante on 192 in Kissimmee, FL. I ate here years ago and didn't remember too much about the restaurant. Inside, the restaurant's layout reminded me of a Romano's Macaroni Grill. From what someone I ate with was saying, the interior of the restaurant is very different from what it was in the past. Originally, this place supposedly had a very high ceiling, made to look like you were eating in an outdoor courtyard. They finished the effect with fiber optic fireworks in the ceiling. Now it seems they added a second floor in the space for parties/dinner shows, so the faux outdoor dining is gone.
We started with the Pacino's Flaming Cheese appetizer. With the camera flash and the window behind the plate, the flames don't show up in the picture, but that is indeed a plate of salty fried cheese doused in ignited alcohol. To add to the fun, our waiter bringing the flaming cheese looked exactly like Patrick Stewart, only with an Italian accent...
Pacino's Flaming Cheese
A house salad and some bread came next.
Pacino's Salad
For my meal, I had the Linguini Carbonara. It was a huge plate of linguini in alfredo-like cream sauce, mixed with bits of prosciutto. It was a whole lot of cream and pork for one serving, but it was tasty. I have no complaints about the taste although I don't know if I would get it again, just based on it being a bit too much of the same thing.
Pacino's Linguine Carbonara
Being located where the restaurant was, just a few miles from Disney and right across the street from Old Town, the prices really weren't all to bad. It seemed to be about equivalent to Olive Garden, only with a better menu.

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