Monday, February 15, 2010

Appleton's Hometown Cafe in Lake Mary, FL

I had a breakfast at Appleton's Hometown Cafe in Lake Mary.Appleton's Hometown Cafe
I had the Greek Omelet with hash browns and a biscuit. The omelet was filled with gyro meat (whatever that might consist of), olives, spinach, and feta cheese. I'm sometimes hesitant to order omelets in restaurants based on past disappointments, but this omelet was good. It was really tasty, as was the hash browns and the greasy biscuit. Also, real butter > margarine. I don't see any appeal of eating something called Whipped Spread out of a plastic tub...
Appleton's Greek Omelet
One final thought about Appleton's. Don't visit around Christmas. I have no problem with decorating for the holidays. I like doing it myself, but the line was crossed in Appleton's to the point where the decorations became obnoxious. Everything at the table should not have a reddish tint from the reflections of the red mylar on the walls...

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