Friday, February 19, 2010

Bogard's in Orlando, FL

Bogard's is located on International Drive in Orlando. I came across Bogard's a while back when I was looking for the Amigo's that formerly sat at this location. Several months later, I decided to give Bogard's a try.
Actually, the main reason I wanted to eat here had to do with the very cool water spouts draining off the building's roof into an alligator filled pond below. I didn't know much else about the place, but decided to give it a try. Inside, the restaurant had a biker theme that wasn't obvious from the outside.

The tables all had an interesting table setting consisting of crossed knives and forks...
Interesting Table Setting @ Bogart's
Really tasty jalapeno corn muffins were served as an appetizer.
Jalapeno Corn Muffin
I decided to order The Bonafide Shrimp Po'Boy. I was considering a few other menu items, but they were all pretty expensive for what you were getting. Some of the barbecue sounded good, but all the sides were sold separately. From the menu description, it sounded like all you got was meat and bread for twice the price of a complete meal elsewhere. Shrimp & Grits also sounded good, but $17 sounded a bit much for something I've had success cooking at home. So, I went with a $13 sandwich, served with fries.
Shrimp Po'boy
The Po'Boy didn't have much flavor. The fried shrimp were very bland. The cole-slaw that topped the sandwich was way too soggy and messy and also didn't have much flavor. The sandwich was edible, but definitely not worth $13.

I liked the Amigo's that was here previously much better...

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