Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pizzeria Valdiano in Lakeland, FL

Pizzeria Valdiano is a local chain in Central Florida. I've been to their Winter Park and Baldwin Park stores on several occasions and recently gave their Lakeland store a try.
Pizzeria Valdiano
We started with garlic knots. Definitely not the best. They were those mushy, interconnected rolls that had some garlic salt on top. With garlic in the name, I want some actual garlic!
Garlic Knot
Pizza came next. Valdiano's has one of the best pizza's in Central Florida in my opinion. Definitely within the top 10. While this particular pie wasn't the all time best I've had from a Pizzeria Valdiano, it was still really tasty and better than most of the other pizzas around...
Pizzeria Valdiano Pie
Pizzeria Valdiano Slice
Pizzeria Valdiano on Urbanspoon



i have to agree valdiano's is some good pizza

Anonymous said...

i'd have to say their pizza is good when specific people are cooking it! other than that it is soggy and thin up until you get to the crust area! who wants to pay for half a pizza!


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