Friday, June 18, 2010

Corky Bell's in East Palatka, FL

Corky Bell's
While in Palatka, I ate dinner at Corky Bell's Seafood & Steaks. The restaurant had a 10-15 minute wait when I arrived, so I filled the time by admiring the wonderful view of the St. Johns River.
river view
Soon, the buzzer went off and it was time to be seated. My meal started out with a nice side-salad with oil & vinegar.
Corky Bell's side salad
For my main course, I choose the two item seafood dinner. I went with the grilled shrimp and blackened fish. The type of fish wasn't identified on the menu, nor did I ask what type it was, but I was served a nice flaky white fish. The seafood came with a side of cheese grits and two hush puppies. Everything served with this meal was really tasty!
Corky Bell's seafood combination
The service was a little strange at Corky Bell's, but the food was good and the restaurant's location on the river was great!
Corky Bell's Panoramic

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Anonymous said...

I love this Blog! You're good at it, I can relate to your comments and your pictures are seductive! We're going to Palatka and shall give Corky Bells a holler, finally, after passing it up umpteen million times! Thanks, and I look forward to reading more.......

Anonymous said...

My sister in law lives near this restaurant and I have never been yet. We always go to jerrys diner. Sonnys barbecue is so good too. This is my husbands home town. We are coming next month local to close out family homes and will check out corkys as well.


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