Friday, June 4, 2010

King's Wok in Longwood, FL

I picked up some Chinese takeout from King's Wok next to Albertson's in Longwood.
King's Wok Chinese Restaurant
Once ready, the food was handed over in a big cardboard box. Being handed a box full of food is so much better than being handed a plastic bag filled with food. Just something about it makes the food delivery system feel better...
Box of Chinese Goodies...
After returning home, I started with some wonton soup. It had a flavorful broth, plenty of good sized wontons, and shredded pork at the bottom of the soup container.
King's Wok III Wonton Soup
For the main dishes, I shared two different items. First was the Chicken with Black Bean Sauce. It came with plenty of tender chicken, peppers, onions, carrots, and water chestnuts. Unfortunately, I didn't like the sauce all too much. It had a sweet flavor, which I was not expecting, being that this dish is normally more savory than sweet. There weren't enough beans either. Overall, it was okay, but not the best.
Chicken w/ BB Sauce
Next was the Chicken with Broccoli. Can't get much simpler than this, consisting of what the name implies. I definitely preferred the sauce on here over the black bean sauce.
King's Wok Chicken w/ Broccoli
Except the black bean sauce, I enjoyed my Chinese takeout. I'd come back to give King's Wok another try!

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bradscorey said...

americanized chinese food is so not good.. if you ever get a chance to come to tampa, stop by china yuan.. very authentic...

Anonymous said...

I am from NY and while we think all of our food is better than anywhere else, there are a few categories of food that I really believe that to be true: bread (any), Italian, pizza and Chinese food. King's Wok III has been hands down the best Chinese food I have had in Florida since moving here almost 14 years ago.

Watch Me Eat said...

Can't argue with you there. Bread, pizza, and chinese food in Florida can't compete with it's NY equivalents.


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