Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ikea in Sunrise, FL

 What visit to Ikea is complete without buying some sort of food? On this visit to the Ikea in Sunrise, I had the Swedish Meatball Combo, served with the standard mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. This came with a side salad and fountain drink (lingonberry soda, of course).

Ikea Restaurant & Swedish Market on Urbanspoon


J. Paxon Reyes said...

Is it good? I thought it might just be typical cafeteria food. I might go to the one in Denver...picture frames and meatballs.

Watch Me Eat said...

@J. Paxon Reyes: Ikea is definitely a step above cafeteria food. Some of it is pretty typical, but then they have some pretty different stuff, like smoked fish. Make sure you check out the mini supermarket they have too! All sorts of Scandinavian goodies in there...


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