Monday, August 22, 2011

Tahini Mediterranean Grill in Oviedo, FL

I had lunch at Tahini Mediterranean Grill near UCF in Oviedo. This fast food restaurant/coffee shop makes some good middle eastern foods...
I had the Falafel Pita Platter. This came with the sandwich, two sides, and a few slices of pita bread. I choose the Greek salad and baba gnoush as the two sides, both of which were really good.
The falafel pita was also really tasty. The chickpea balls were nice and moist with plenty of flavor. The other sandwich fillings included lettuce, tomato, and onions (although no pickles as mentioned on other food blogs).
Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Tahini and would gladly return! (Except Tahini has since gone out of business and become a Dunkin Donuts)

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Anonymous said...

We've been there a couple of times. I love the hummus there. We've always had the gyro platter. One of these days I must try something else. LOL

It is a shame that it's not very busy. Hope your blog post and the students being back at UCF will help bring in some more customers for them.

Anonymous said...

I've been there twice and it took 30 minutes to get one pita. They don't have a fryer so I'm not sure how they are cooking their falafel but it tasted terrible. If you want real falafel go to Hummus House


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