Friday, June 21, 2013

Expedition Cafe in Sea World Orlando

I ventured over to Sea World to see the recently opened Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin section of the park. While there, I had lunch at the new restaurant called Expedition Cafe. The restaurant is very nicely themed as an Antarctic base built into ice. There were three different counters to order from inside. One served Italian food, another served American food, and the counter that we ordered from served Chinese food.
I had the Shrimp Lo Mein. This was basically a large plate of lo mein noodles with the very occasional vegetable mixed in. Shrimp were served alongside the noodles and the meal was completed with a fortune cookie. Serving the shrimp separate from the lo mein was a bit different. I do understand the reasoning behind this to accommodate vegetarians. This definitely wasn't worth $13, but in terms of theme park foods, it was acceptable. The person visiting the park with me also ordered the Pepper Steak and fried rice. The normal bell peppers were absent from the pepper steak which was a bit unusual. Let's be nice and assume the lack of vegetables in both the lo mein and pepper steak was because of authentic Antarctic base themeing where I imagine fresh vegetables in food wouldn't be readily available... 
After eating, it was time to stand in line for 75 minutes to ride the new penguin ride. Big improvement of the the old penguin exhibit. The ride was way too short, but you get way closer to the penguins now. Overall, Antarctica was pretty cool (figuratively and literally)...

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