Monday, January 5, 2009

Chipotle Turkey from Jersey Mike's Subs

I ate at the Jersey Mike's Subs in Lake Mary, FL for a second time. Last time, I wasn't all that impressed with their sandwiches and I didn't have all that much desire to return. A visiting relative is in love with the fast food restaurant for some odd reason, so I went again.

I shared a giant Chipotle Turkey Sub with someone. The sandwich was topped with every possible sandwich component, excluding tomatoes. A chipotle mayonnaise turned the normal turkey sub into a chipotle turkey sub. The sandwich did taste okay, but wasn't any better than similar sandwiches from other restaurants.

Chipotle Turkey Giant Sub

The restaurant as a whole did seem a little disorganized though. The employees seemed a bit confused, and that didn't help the long line. One employee started asking if anyone in line wanted any hot subs, and since I was getting a cold sub, I said no. Because of this, I somehow ended up getting skipped and the employee acted all annoyed when told nobody took my order.

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