Monday, January 12, 2009

Sterlings Family Restaurant in Astor, FL

Sterlings Family Restaurant
I ate at Sterlings Family Restaurant in Astor, FL. I was eating with some people who had eaten at this restaurant in the past and thought it was so good, they had to go for an hour long car trip just to eat here again.

When I was looking at the menu, Sterlings had their normal menu, as well as an inserted Mexican menu. Something told me that I should have ordered some Mexican food, but the catfish on the normal menu was also tempting me. The menu didn't specify if the fish was grilled or fried, so that was going to be my decision maker between that or enchiladas. The fish normally came fried, but the waitress offered to have it grilled, so I agreed.

Tortilla chips, salsa, salad, and rolls came out first.
Sterling Family Restaurant Chips and Salsa
Sterling Family Restaurant Salad and Bread

And then the main courses were served, except for my catfish. It finally came out about ten minutes later, and was rather sad looking. It was just two fillets sitting alone on a plate, and they were completely tasteless. If they put any type of seasoning on the fish, it wasn't enough.

I should have gone with the enchiladas. Someone else ordered a chicken burrito, and it looked like the best meal to be served to our table.

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