Friday, April 10, 2009

Riverwalk Pizza

Riverwalk Pizza
I had a coupon for a free ten inch pizza from Riverwalk Pizza in Sanford, FL. I wasn't expecting much, especially for free, but the pizza was really good. It had a nice and thin crispy crust. I liked the sauce and it was well proportioned to the cheese. I think I'll definitely have to return to Riverwalk and get another pizza!
Riverwalk Pizza
One thing I don't really get about the restaurant is it's building. The building is on the water in the middle of the Monroe Harbour Marina, and yet whoever designed the building made it so you don't have a view of the river from most of the restaurant's windows. Instead, you see the Senior Citizens Center across the street. I'm assuming the building was intended for restaurants when it was built (it originally opened with a Dalli's Pizza). People seem to like restaurants with views of water, so I don't really get why this building's architect choose not to make the St. Johns a focal point.
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