Monday, April 27, 2009

Salsa2go at UCF

Salsa2Go Chicken Burrito
I was over at UCF and got hungry so I stopped by a relatively new restaurant that opened at the school called Salsa2go. It's an outdoor snack bar type restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. I ordered a chicken burrito on a chipotle flavored tortilla. The burrito was filled with chicken, lettuce, and jalapenos. I would have liked to try the homemade salsa that this place apparently makes but none was offered. Salsa2go should really have a list of the burrito toppings that are available on their menu.

The burrito itself was good but for some reason it reminded me of food served at sporting events. I couldn't quite place why this was, but the burrito had more of a high school concession stand feel than a Mexican restaurant feel. Not to say this was a bad thing though. Like I said, the burrito was tasty. The chicken had a nice flavor and the jalapenos added some spice. Besides from not trying the salsa, I had no complaints about this burrito.
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Matt The Weirdo said...

the aqua fresca is definitely worth trying. You may or a viewer on this site might be familiar with the smell of the E.T. ride at Universal Studios. Well if you were able to liquefy this smell it would be this drink. And it is delicious

Watch Me Eat said...

Seriously? I'm not sure if the E.T. smell in a drink sounds delicious or disgusting, but I must try that!


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