Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lollicup in Orlando, FL

I stopped in Little Vietnam in Orlando, FL. The plan was to eat lunch, probably at Viet Garden, but I got distracted by the sign in Lollicup's window. I've had boba tea from Lollicup several times in the past, and when I noticed this location now served food I decided to give it a try.

I started with the obligatory overpriced boba drink. I had a Papaya Avocado smoothie with boba. It was good, although I think they may have added lots of extra sweetener to the drink. There were huge jugs of fructose under the counter, so I'm assuming those go into the drinks. A fruit smoothie is sweet enough as it is and the boba makes it sweeter. There's no need to add additional sweetener on top of that. It was almost $5 for a small drink, but a dessert elsewhere would most likely also be about the same price. I've found that smoothies are definitely the way to go at Lollicup. All of the tea drinks remind me of a bottle of Orbitz with way too much ice (although I did love that stuff).
Papaya Avocado
Moving on the the food, a Summer Roll was ordered. Sort of like the healthier Vietnamese version of a Chinese egg roll, the summer roll consisted of shrimp, pork, cilantro, cucumbers, and vermicelli, all wrapped in rice paper. Peanut sauce was served on the side. I love how the rice paper is somewhat translucent so you can see the brightly colored contents of the roll.
Summer Rolls
I have heard of Vietnamese Subs, or Bánh mì, but have never tried one. The sandwich consisted French bread stuffed with sliced pork, cucumbers, onions, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, assorted pickled vegetables, and possibly more toppings that I'm overlooking. I was really impressed with the sandwich. It reminded me somewhat of a Cuban sandwich with the pork and pickles, only improved with the rest of the toppings. This good sized sandwich was only $2.50. That's less than a Boba drink!
For a bit of an update, Lollicup no longer serves food and are back to only serving beverages. It's unfortunate, especially since I haven't found a better summer roll elsewhere in Orlando!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your review. I'll have to try the food next time. Have you been to Rockin' Ribz in Sanford yet?

Eating Orlando

Clayton said...

I've had that tea.

I really don't think the Tapioca Pearls add much to it, other then texture personally.

marina villatoro said...

Hi, I've eaten at a Vietnam restaurant in NYC once. It was this teeny tiny hole in the wall, with only 2 tables. and it was the best food I ever ate!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you should definitely try the banh mi (viet subs) at ba le just down the street on mills from lollicup. they have by far the best banh mi i have ever had...they press their sandwiches which gives it an extra texture and for some reason, enhances all of the flavors in the sandwich. i have been going to lollicup since i was introduced to it and have not been failed. their papaya avocado does not have fructose syrup in it, rather condensed milk which is intended to sweeten the rather bland avocado. you should "like" their facebook page and watch out for buy one get one free promotions and even sales on their boba at certain times.

Tampa Bay Food Monster said...

this is great! lollicup is my favorite boba tea shop ever. they consistently make the best boba. and through the entire year i lived in orlando, i never realized they served food at all! maybe they didn't back then (2005). too bad they don't anymore... would have liked to try that.

also, orbits was an awesome drink. i used to love getting that stuff. good times.


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