Monday, April 20, 2009

Hibachi Chicken Bento from Bayridge Sushi

Once again, I ate at Bayridge Sushi in Longwood, FL. I ordered a Hibachi Chicken Lunch Bento for $7.95, which started with miso soup and salad.
Bayridge Sushi Soup and Salad
The soup and salad were followed by the bento, filled with the chicken, dumplings, rice, California rolls, and pineapple.
Hibachi Chicken Bento Box
You really can't go wrong with one of these bento boxes. They come with a huge amount of food that is typically always good for a great price.
Bayridge Sushi on Urbanspoon

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Art Spectrum said...

Wow this looks like a lot of food for a low price! I pass this place all the time. I'll have to try it.

I enjoy your blog. I feel a little like a stalker, following you around town.:)


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