Monday, December 28, 2009

Ah Law Kitchen in Elmont, NY

ah law kitchen 12-19-09 storefront
Just as the first snowflakes began to fall starting a big snowstorm, I picked up Chinese take out from Ah Law Kitchen in Elmont, NY. I was considering eating my food here, but their heater was broken. I was cold as I sat waiting for my food, watching the owner attempt to fix the heat, so I took the food back to a warmer location.
ah law kitchen
I started with a scallion pancake appetizer. I love these things...
Scallion Pancakes
I also had the shrimp with broccoli lunch special. It came with huge shrimp, plenty of broccoli, and carrots in a brown sauce. This came with a side of brown rice. The lunch was supposed to come with a wonton soup too, but they forgot to put it in the bag. By the time I noticed, I didn't feel like going back.
Shrimp w/Broccoli
I liked the food from Ah Law Kitchen, although I wasn't happy about not getting my soup!
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Anonymous said...

I am a loyal customer for years. The whole family USED to love their food and service. We were the big fans of their green tea. Yesterday, we ordered the iced tea; the color of the iced tea was changed, it tasted funny also. The food was not as the same; may be they change the cook! Usually the sisters at the front took good care of us, but last night the person at the front was rule!!!!!
We always like Mr. Law, he is a such " Happy Man". I hope they could still do a better job in the future!


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