Monday, December 14, 2009

Clock Family Restaurant in Auburndale, FL

I've known of Clock Family Restaurants for years, but I had never eaten in one. One day while in Auburndale, FL, I finally got to try a Clock.

I had a turkey ruben sandwich which consisted of turkey, cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing on bread. While the sandwich wasn't horrible, it wasn't exactly the best I've had. They were very stingy with the sandwich fillings, both with the turkey and sauerkraut. The onion rings that came as the side were really good though. Overall, nothing worth returning to...
Turkey Ruben & Onion Rings
Clock Restaurant Incorporated on Urbanspoon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the wait staff was heard calling an employee a mother f***** a couple of week's ago. the management was wrong keeping this person , this place need's diff mgnt from top to all in charge their , great place but dont like taking my children here because of this lanuage ,word of mouth hurt's a bussiness


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