Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in New York

On the countless lists on the internet concerning the top Christmas destinations around the world, New York seems to always show up. Good thing, because a few days before Christmas, I ended up in New York City and did some Christmastime sightseeing. The adventure started out in Bryant Park with their giant Christmas tree...
Bryant Park Tree
It was cold. The fountain in the park was covered in icicles.
Bryant Park Fountain
They had a huge ice skating rink in the park. Being that I was in New York at Christmastime in below freezing temperatures, I decided I had to rent some skates just for the experience.
Ice Skates
Didn't plan on skating for long, but I ended up being on the ice for about two hours!
Bryant Park Skating
After skating, I wandered over to Rockefeller Center while looking for food.
Rockefeller Center Tree
Rockefeller Center had a bigger tree, but Bryant Park's ice rink was better!
Rockefeller Center Skating
I finally ended my night by buying a potato knish from a street vendor on the corner in front of Rockefeller Center. Earlier I went looking for the 53rd & 6th Halal Cart that I've read good things about, but they weren't there. So at midnight in the freezing weather, I decided to end my adventures with food for the night and settled on the knish to hold me over.
Rockefeller Center Lights & Food Carts
I've had much better knishes in the past, but I wasn't expecting too much from a street vendor. It was tasty enough. I should have bought some chestnuts too!
Rockefeller Center Knish
Merry Christmas!


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