Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hamburger Mary's in Orlando, FL

Hamburger Mary's
I ate at the Hamburger Mary's on Church Street in Downtown Orlando. The restaurant is one of the few open businesses in the sad and mostly abandoned shell of the former tourist district known as Church Street Station. Besides from Amura, it seems most restaurants in this area of downtown don't last very long when they open (or reopen for a second time), so I wonder how long Hamburger Mary's is going to hold out.

The meal started with an order of Mary-Mac & Cheese Balls. Deep fried macaroni and cheese is just wrong in my opinion. To me, these should be relegated to the disgusting carny food at the fair. Pasta is definitely not meant to be breaded and deep fried.
Mary-Mac & Cheese Balls
I had a Bird of Paradise sandwich. It consisted of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise on wheat bread. I was initially surprised to see that the sandwich had actual roasted turkey rather than the normal sliced cold-cut deli turkey that restaurants normally serve on sandwiches. It was a very tasty sandwich, served with a side of fries.
Bird of Paradise
Somebody I ate here with who has pretty conservative world viewpoints was very disappointed that there were no shows going on at Hamburger Mary's on the night we went. Interesting...

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