Monday, December 21, 2009

Tailgaters Smokehouse at UCF

I ate at Tailgaters Smokehouse in the shopping area surrounding the UCF Arena in Orlando. Tailgators is a sports bar, and the as my meal progressed, the restaurant fit perfectly into the stereotype of sports bars having bad food. But it wasn't just the food, service was bad here too.

I ordered a Chicken Cheesesteak sandwich, served with tater tots. After a very long wait with a very inattentive waitress, our food was finally served. The sandwich was a bit smaller than I was expecting and was very bland. Couldn't taste any seasoning whatsoever on the chicken and the bread reminded me a bit too much of a hot dog roll than what cheesesteaks are normally served on. I did like the tater tots though.
While the sandwich wasn't all that, definitely not worth the $12 it cost me total for the meal, it was edible and I finished the food. I really shouldn't have finished though because the food left some sort of coating on the inside of my mouth that I could not get rid off. It was a slimy feeling and tasted sort of bitter. Drinking water would not remove it. Eating something else didn't get rid of the coating, and brushing my teeth (multiple times) didn't help either. Whatever this was, it was very unpleasant and I can't say I've experienced a bad taste in my mouth that was so persistent elsewhere. Interestingly enough, I kept this to myself until a few hours later when a friend brought up the bad taste in her mouth from her grilled chicken sandwich...

Moral of the story: Avoid the chicken from Tailgaters.
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this is a foodie horror story @_@ have you been to brianto's by avalon park? they have really good philly cheesesteaks !

baludec23 said...

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Anonymous said...

I haven't actually eaten here yet, but am not in a hurry due to this story:
It was a cool evening last fall. Watching a movie on a big projector screen in the field just behind tailgaters. My g/f was feeling sick and wanted to take some ibuprofen. To our dismay we had nothing to wash down the pills. I walk over to tailgaters to ask for a cup of water. They refused saying they closed at 9 (it was around 9:05). this was the bartender who could have simply helped us in seconds but didn't feel like stopping his mentally intense task of wiping down the bar.


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