Friday, April 23, 2010

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy in Lakeland, FL

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy
I had lunch at Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy in Lakeland. The interior of the restaurant was set up to look like an outdoor courtyard.
Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy
I had the Enchilada and Taco combination from the lunch menu. I had my choice of fillings in each and picked an avocado enchilada and chicken taco. The avocado in the enchilada was actually a really smooth guacamole. Sort of reminded me of the guacamole from Taco Bell, but it was still tasty. No complaints about the taco. The combination also came served with refried beans and rice.
Tacos & Enchiladas
Abuelo's was pretty good for a chain Mexican restaurant. I'd place them above other chains like Chevy's or Don Pablos.

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akeorlando said...

OMG, I love Abuelo's! I've been to the one in Hunter's Creek several times - always good food.


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