Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raphsodic Cooperative Company in Orlando, FL

Vegan Wasabi Almond Brownie
I visited a vegan bakery in Orlando on 17-92 called Raphsodic Cooperative Company. I had a Wasabi Almond Brownie. It tasted a lot like a normal brownie with the wasabi flavor kicking in as an aftertaste. It wasn't noticeable that this was dairy free. Pretty good...

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Anonymous said...

You know that your blog is disrespectful when you are taking pictures of the food in the car and poor in what a blog about food should be when you have the description of the food as "wasn't noticeable" and "pretty good"...I think you could make this into a great area for people to look for new ways to wake their palates. I hope you care enough about the foodie community to improve on these posts.


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