Monday, April 5, 2010

Boston's Fish House in Sanford, FL

I ate at the new Boston's Fish House that went into a spot once occupied by American Pie Pizza in Sanford.

I ordered the Gulf Shrimp Roll with onion rings and cole slaw. Being that this was under the sandwich section of the menu, I was expecting to be able to eat this shrimp roll like a sandwich. That's a bit hard to do when they leave the tails on the shrimp and the bread is too soft and mushy to hold the pile of shrimp together as a unit.

 The cole slaw was good and the huge pile of freshly made onion rings were really tasty. The good sized broiled shrimp were nice and tasty, but it was definitely not a sandwich! Don't call something a sandwich when you are serving something that's impossible to eat like a sandwich!

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