Monday, May 17, 2010

Jeremiah's Italian Ice in Maitland, FL

Jeremiah's Italian Ice
When it comes to Italian Ice in Orlando, Jeremiah's is the best I've tasted. On this particular visit, I stopped by their location in Maitland.

I ordered a passion fruit gelati. Calling what Jeremiah's serves gelati is actually a bit tricky. In most other places, gelati would be plural of gelato, which is more along the lines of normal ice cream. Jeremiah's gelati is a parfait consisting of layers of Italian ice and soft serve ice cream. Out of curiosity, I did some searching and found that this type of gelati is a regional specialty coming out of Philadelphia. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting the traditional gelati/gelato.
passionfruit gelato
The Italian ice was nice and tasty. It was slightly tart and slightly sweet, but it didn't skew too far towards either flavor. Mixed with the soft serve vanilla, the gelati was pushed more to the sweet side. As hot as it was on the day I had my dessert from Jeremiah's, this gelati was nice and refreshing!

Like I said earlier, Jeremiah's has the best Italian Ice in Orlando in my opinion. Still, as good as their ices are, it can't compare to some of the Italian ice places up north. I'm still waiting for a store to open with a huge variety of flavors, at least double or triple of what Jeremiah's has, selling both cream and water ices, along with other types of ice cream. Jeremiah's may be the king of Italian Ice in Orlando right now, but there's a chance that they may be eventually be decrowned. And that could turn into a good thing for us. It could mean more places to get Italian ice in Central Florida!

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Joseph said...

is what you might be looking for many more flavors. It's like one of those crappy way too sugary hard ices... but not crappy at all. Really soft and you can make snowballs out of it and the owner sure likes throwing them. I had the "nectar" flavor which is almond and vanilla. Yum. It is a 'nawlins thing though, not an up north thing....

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Anonymous said...

don't know if you have tried Rita's. they have one in Winter Springs, Apopka and a few other places. Rita's is from up north. I have a friend who lives in a suburb of philly and he says that Rita's is one of the best. try it out. i always get the wild black cherry with the frozen custard. i believe they call it a gelati in the shop.

Anonymous said...

you should try the gelati in twisted on princeton st. next to white wolf cafe. their flavors are quite unique and refreshing and my favorite is their creamsicle gelati with vanilla soft serve. their ices are smooth in texture and compliments the creamy soft serve quite well. although i agree, jeremiah's is quite the king of gelati :)


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