Friday, May 14, 2010

Lakeland Farmers Market

Lakeland Farmers Market
After running a 10k race in Lakeland, I found myself wandering around downtown and came across the Lakeland Farmers Market.

They had a good selection of vendors. The food choices included at least three fruit stands, at least one selling locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. There was honey, bread, kettle corn, an ice cream truck, prepared Italian sandwiches, and more. The variety of edible items at this farmers market was really nice!

Here's a bread vendor:
Lakeland Farmers Market Bread
One of multiple vendors selling fruits & vegetables:
They had plenty of non-food items too, including plants, clothes, jewelry, and more. Here's a plant vendor:
Farmers Market Plants
Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the Lakeland Farmers Market. It could compete with some of the better farmers markets in the Orlando area...

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