Wednesday, May 5, 2010

La Fuente in Brunswick, GA

In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I'm pulling an unpublished meal from a Mexican Restaurant out of the Watch Me Eat archives:

During a trip along I-95 a few years ago, I stopped in Brunswick, GA for a late dinner. A Mexican restaurant called La Fuente was very crowded, so it appeared that this was potentially a good choice. The building appeared to be a former Applebees.

The meal started out with tortilla chips and salsa. The salsa was nice and smooth with a nice amount of spice.

For the meal, I ordered an enchilada dinner. It came with four enchiladas, two with green sauce, and two with red sauce. I had two filled with cheese, one with beans, and one with chicken. The cheese was a bit too chewy once it started to coagulate. The refried beans were better, and the chicken stuffed enchilada was the best out of the meal. Lettuce, tomato, and sour cream were included on the side.

I enjoyed my food, but not everyone I ate at La Fuente with was happy. A shrimp dish was ordered and although I didn't try any, it was reported that the shrimp were so rubbery that they were almost inedible.

On my last drive through Georgia on I-95, I stopped for gas in Brunswick and noticed that La Fuente was closed. Were they closed for the day, or are they out of business? I'm not sure...

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