Friday, May 7, 2010

Mimi's Cafe in Altamonte Springs, FL

Several years ago, I ate at the Mimi's Cafe near the Millenia Mall in Orlando. I did enjoy my meal, but I never returned to the restaurant. Not because I didn't want to, but instead because there are so many other choices of restaurants to try in Central Florida. Finally, after years in between since my last experience with the restaurant chain, I had dinner at the Mimi's Cafe in Altamonte Springs.

After reading over the menu, the best deal seemed to be the three course dinner for $12.99. This included an appetizer, main course, and dessert. To start, I picked a Caesar Salad for the appetizer. While the salad tasted good, they put far too much dressing on it. There was actually a centimeter deep pool of dressing on the bottom of the plate. It was a bit of overkill...
Mimi's Cafe Caesar Salad
For the main course, I picked the Shrimp Ravioli. The ravioli were filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, and chopped up shrimp. These were topped with more shrimp and spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and a cream sauce. I did notice that a few other tables being served received similar pasta dishes that appeared be filled with much more food. I'm assuming the bigger pasta portion is what you get if you order the pasta separately rather than part of the three course dinner. Still, I found the amount of ravioli served to be plenty to eat.
mimi's cafe shrimp ravoli
For dessert, I picked the Lemon Mousse. The creamy, tart goodness was topped with blueberries in syrup.
Mimi's Lemon Custard
Will it be years until my next visit to another Mimi's Cafe? I liked my food here and had no major complaints, so I have no good reason not to return. Chances are I will be back eventually...

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