Monday, November 15, 2010

Cappello's Pizzeria in St. Cloud, FL

While traveling through St. Cloud, I realized it was time to eat. I spotted an Italian restaurant called Cappello's and pulled into the parking lot. As I exited the car, I was greeted with a great pizza odor emitting from the building. At that point, I immediately knew I'd be ordering a pizza for my meal. Before the pizza though, I had a garlic knot appetizer.
The pizza was served pretty soon after the knots. The crust was thicker than what I expect from a NY style pie and didn't have that foldability that most 'real' NY pizzas have. Instead of a super-thin crust, this thicker crust was light and airy and had a great texture. The cheese was nice and salty and released just the right amount of oil when cooked. What really pulled the pizza together was the sauce. It had a wonderful garlic flavor that permeated throughout the whole pie.
Initially, I saw the thicker crust on the pie and assumed that this would be one of those pizzerias that claim to serve NY style pizza, when in reality, their product is nowhere close when it comes to taste or structure. After all, St. Could isn't a town where I would expect to find good pizza. Once I tasted Cappello's pizza though, I realized I was wrong! I would rank this as one of the best pizzas I have had in a while!

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Brent Dashnow said...

My step father owns cappellos, thats where i am employed currently. Stop in again!! You havent had cappellos pizza untill i have made it for you! ~Brent

Anonymous said...

You should reconsider blogging about food as you obviously have no idea what good food is. Worst pizza in St. Cloud, period. I would eat frozen pizza before ever ordering from Capello's again.

Anonymous said...

By the way, your pictures are worth 1000 words. Sloppy burnt pizza, both crust and cheese. Nuff said.


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