Monday, November 1, 2010

Panchero's in Orlando, FL

Panchero's Church Street
I had dinner at Panchero's on Church Street in Downtown Orlando. They are a fast food Mexican restaurant, following the same format as Chipotle/Qdoba. The main difference I noticed at Panchero's was the freshly made tortillas. Dough was pressed out, then cooked on a grill before being stuffed with fillings.
Chicken Burrito on Church Street
I ended up getting a chicken burrito with rice, black beans, lettuce, corn, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Overall, this was a pretty good burrito. There was a couple of fillings (like roasted peppers) that I would have also liked in the burrito, but they looked like they had been sitting out for far too long so I passed.
Donkey's Ear
My meal at Panchero's was the first time I had been to Church Street since the new Amway Center opened. There was a Magic game going on at the time and I haven't seen Church Street so crowded since the days of Church Street Station. Unfortunately, very few of the people walking here were actually stopping into any of the businesses on Church Street. It seemed everyone was leaving the Amway Center and going elsewhere in Downtown. We were the only customers for the time I was eating, and there is no way Panchero's was making any money that night with all of the employees they had. The Amway Center was supposed to revitalize Church Street, but I'm not seeing it. With the exception of Hamburger Mary's and Ceviche, all the other bars and restaurants on Church Street were completely deserted. Sad really...

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Eversave Orlando said...

That's too bad to hear that Church St. was so quiet. That burrito does look delicious, though!

Anonymous said...

Yee haw... sour cream and lettuce. Two things I've never seen in a burrito in Mexico.

The correct nomenclature is "Tex-Mex".

You afraid to step into a real tienda Mexicana or taqueria in the bad parts of town for authentic food?


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