Friday, November 12, 2010

Space Coast State Fair

During the first weekend in November, I found myself at the Space Coast State Fair in Cocoa. If you're reading about a fair here, it means I consumed some fair food while I was there!
Space Coast State Fair
I had some freshly cut french fries. There was a scary amount of oil dripping off these...
Space Coast State Fair Fries
For something a bit less greasy, I also had an ear of hot roasted corn! I love how they grill these still in the husk.
$2 Corn
Fair Corn
I also came across a taco truck in a camper called Authenticos Tacos Mexicanos. These fairs generally don't have taco trucks serving stuff like tongue tacos...
Space Coast State Fair Taco Truck

1 comment:

AmandaRose said...

I just went to the Volusia County Fair and had a fried Oreo....changed my life!


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