Monday, November 29, 2010

Francesca's Cucina in Syracuse, NY

I had dinner at Francesca's Cucina in Syracuse's Little Italy. This was part of an event I attended, so there was no ordering involved and all the food was served family style.
Francesca's Cucina
A big antipasto salad was the first dish to come out, topped with all sorts of good stuff, including prosciutto, salami, cappicola, olives, cheeses, peppers, greens, and much more.
Francesca's Cucina Salad
An unusually shaped ravioli in marinara sauce came next.
Francesca's Cucina Pasta
Then came a plate of rigatoni in a tomato cream sauce.
Francesca's Cucina Pasta
By the time the meal was done, my plate was also filled with some chicken marsala and some sort of white fish in a tomato sauce.
Francesca's Cucina Dinner
Finally, this huge plate of Italian desserts was served. It was piled high with cannolis, cookies, cream puffs, eclairs, and more. Sadly, most of the dish was untouched by fellow diners. I couldn't let this be and had to remedy the problem...
Francesca's Cucina Desserts!
As I was leaving Francesca's Cucina, there were a few snow flurries falling. None of the snow stuck though...
Francesca's Cucina

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