Friday, March 11, 2011

Doris' Italian Market & Bakery in Boca Raton, FL

Doris' Italian Market & Bakery
Doris' Italian Market & Bakery is a small chain of stores in South Florida. I was recently brought their store in Boca Raton and have since returned a few more times! The store was small, but they had some really interesting foods. Where else can you buy a whole goat head in the meat department? On all my visits, I passed on the exotic meats and went for the bakery. This was a bakery that you don't generally find in Florida. Italian bakeries like this are all over in the New York area, but I've yet to find something like this in the Orlando area...
Doris' Desserts
I've been to Doris' for their bakery a few times now. On one visit I had this canolli. Canollis are good...
Doris' Canolli
Another time, I had this sfogliatelle. How can you go wrong with flaky dough filled with cheese and covered with powdered sugar?
Doris' Sfogliatella
I sampled their Chocolate Mousse Pie on a third visit. This was a towering chocolate pie, filled with mousse and whipped cream, then covered in a hard layer of chocolate. Very tasty...
I'm hoping that one day Doris' Italian Market will expand from South Florida into the Orlando area. I'll definitely visit if they do!

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