Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lucky Buffet in Orlando, FL

Looks like Lucky Buffet has closed at some point since the original publication of this post...

The last time I was paying attention, there was a Chinese take-out in the strip mall off of Collegiate Way near UCF. I guess somewhere along the line, Los Chinitos Chinese Fast Food decided they would be better off as Lucky Buffet...
Lucky Buffet was on the small side as far as Orlando Chinese buffets go, but was equivalent to others in the immediate area. They had two tables of hot food and one dessert table. In terms of what's expected from Chinese buffets, I thought the food here was a little above average. I didn't taste any food that was so explicitly bad that I left it on the plate. They were constantly refilling the foods so the turnover was pretty good too.
Lucky Buffet had some unusual items not often seen on Chinese buffets, such as the baby bok choy, salt & pepper squid, and the awesome desserts filled with red bean paste.
Overall, not the best Chinese food around but better than other buffets in the UCF area.

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lol nice gotta check it out some time when im in the mood for chinese buffet .

Anonymous said...

The quality of food offered by the lucky buffet was very high for a small establishment. The best deal offered by them is lunch as dinner does not offer a far better selection and lunch is much cheaper. This buffet is small however the food is very tasty and the service couldn't be better. Superior to hong kong buffet.

mark lawrence said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful review dear and from the pictures only I can guess about the high quality of the food. I also had such a fun buffet for my last party at local but great New York Event Venues.


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