Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travelling Gourmet Food Truck in Orlando, FL

Traveling Gourmet
Travelling Gourmet is one of the newest food trucks to start serving in Orlando. They sell organic & local foods, all out of their trailer. They were at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2 and I decided to give them a try.
Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2 - 4-1-11 - Traveling Gourmet3
I had the Pork Lettuce Wraps, served with a side of plantain chips. The pork came locally from Palmetto Creek Farms and the greens came from Heart of Christmas Farms. The lettuce wraps were topped with corn, black beans, and feta, resulting in a very tasty flavor combination.
Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2 - 4-1-11 - Traveling Gourmet Pork Lettuce Wraps1
Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2 - 4-1-11 - Traveling Gourmet Pork Lettuce Wraps2
I'm not sure if Travelling Gourmet is serving anywhere on a normal basis around town or if they just come out to events like the Food Truck Bazaar. Either way, I'd give them another try if I spot them around town.

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Marilyn said...

Yes, Travelling Gourmet doesn't look like they have a regular schedule yet, but Chef Silvia mentioned that they were scheduled to be at the Ivanhoe Village event ( yesterday. I think you may be right about Travelling Gourmet being mostly at events for now. I loved their portobello-pesto mushroom sandwiches at the Bazaar, though!

judestocker said...

accoractually I would like to start a food truck in the deland area, but I am not sure of my identity..I would like to serve comfort food with a sandwiches etc. Any ideas how to get started? I am a excellant cook...but want to kepp costs realistic and food even greater! Any tips since i will not be in competion with you. Jude


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