Friday, August 31, 2012

Flakowitz Bagel Inn in Boca Raton, FL

I had breakfast at a restaurant called Flakowitz Bagel Inn on my last visit to Boca Raton. This place has apparently been around for quite a long time and is very popular. It is a New York style bagel place with a really large dining area. Most of these type of places in Boca seem to be always filled with senior citizens, but this one was a bit different. Most of the people in here were young to middle aged, with most everyone in my hearing range having very obnoxious New Jersey accents.

A basket of bagels was delivered to the table with everyone's food. I had an everything bagel that was very good.
Beside the bagel, I ordered their Two Egg Breakfast. This came with scrambled eggs, homefries, and two slices of bacon. It was a very basic breakfast, but it did the job!

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Restaurant In Orlando said...

they really do have the best bagels.


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