Friday, September 6, 2013

Lalibela in Washington, DC

I was in DC and was given the recommendation to go exploring in the neighborhood surrounding the intersection of U Street and 14th Street. More specifically, I was told that I should eat at one of the Ethiopian restaurants in the neighborhood. Sounded good to me! We got off of the Metro, not really having a specific restaurant in mind and walked a few blocks until we came across an Ethiopian restaurant called Lalibela.
I had never eaten Ethiopian food before so I was excited to give it a try. I wasn't sure what to order, so we decided to split the dinner for two that the table next to us was eating.
I really couldn't name most of the items that were served in this dish. I know there was a spicy chicken with hard boiled eggs in the center. Pork, beef, and lamb were also served. Collards, cabbage, and peas were there. That was going to be the extent of my naming of the individual items served, but then I found a blog post about the same dish at Lalibela from iFlipForFood with wonderful descriptions. I learned all the fun details about what I ate from iFlipForFood! All of these individual foods were served on a giant piece of injera, which was like a spongy bread that absorbed all the sauces. No silverware was used in the restaurant. To eat, you basically ripped off a piece of the injera and used it to pick up the food, then ate it all together. Definitely a fun and different way to eat!
I enjoyed my first experience eating Ethiopian food. I need to try some more Ethiopian restaurants to familiarize myself with the cuisine a bit more!

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