Monday, June 29, 2009

Del Taco & the Big Burrito

Del Taco
Del Taco is one of the newest fast food Mexican chains to pop up in Central Florida. It went into the old Fazoli's building in Oviedo, FL and there was quite a bit of a buzz on the internet when this place opened. I signed up for Del Taco's email club on their website and received a coupon for two free chicken tacos. Eventually, I made it to Del Taco and got my free food.
Chicken Taco
The tacos tasted okay, but weren't anything I'd go running back for. The chicken at Del Taco actually resembled meat, unlike a few other Mexican chains that I can think of. I was impressed that they used Romaine lettuce instead of iceberg, but other then that the tacos weren't anything special. I was also surprised with Del Taco's menu. Rather than being all Mexican, they also served burgers and fries. Because of this split menu, both the Mexican and burger sides of the menu both seemed somewhat limited. Taco Bell has a much more impressive menu when it comes to their available items on the menu.

A few weeks later, Del Taco had a grand opening event where they made a really big burrito, cut it up, and then distributed the slices among the onlookers. They filled the burrito with ground beef, beans, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and a red and green sauce. While making the burrito, the announcer/DJ kept on referring to this as the world's largest burrito and said that people from Guinness were there. Somehow I doubted that a fifteen foot burrito had never been made in the past. I googled it and found pictures of a much larger 3,578 foot burrito. But who's complaining? The big burrito resulted in a free dinner and tasted pretty good! They were giving out coupons for free chicken tacos at the event, so I took one of those for my next visit. That's three free meals from Del Taco so far!
Del Taco World's Largest Burrito 6-17-09 onions
Del Taco World's Largest Burrito 6-17-09 everything
Del Taco World's Largest Burrito 6-17-09 wrapped
Del Taco World's Largest Burrito 6-17-09 finished product

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nice! i was wondering how it turned out. sweett...i should sign up for their emails lmao. great post! i think they said the largest burrito in florida which i dont doubt...ahah

Twos said...

Del Taco is not new. They were here before Taco Bell but closed down soon after the Bell came to town. Glad to see them back.

dgray said...

Sorry you weren't impressed by Del Taco...everything is made fresh from *real* ingredients everyday. You don't want to know what goes into Taco Bell's *food*. Del Taco has been and remains wildly popular on the west coast serving *real* food *real* fast, while Taco Bell is more on a par with McDonald's serving *fast* food (if you can call it that). I do have a bit of an inside track to this as I worked for Taco Bell as a crew member about 36 years ago and I was also a Group Supervisor with nine (9) stores for Del Taco in Southern California about 35 years ago. I have actually flown to CA to have Del Taco and I used to drive 4 1/2 hours to St. Simon Island, GA until they closed it down about 2 years ago. I am *very* pleased their back in FLA. I just wish they'd build another one over here on the east side of Seminole....


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