Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don Pablo's in Sanford, FL

I ate at the Don Pablo's in Sanford, FL next to the mall. The meal started out with some chips and salsa:
Chips & Salsa
I ordered the San Angelo combo for my meal. It consisted of a chicken taco, a pork tamale, a cheese relleno, black beans, and rice. I ordered this not being too familiar with what tamales and rellenos tasted like exactly, but I enjoyed it. The tamale was basically a fried corn tortilla filled with pork and the relleno was a stuffed bell pepper.
Mexican Food
The only problem I had was the temperature of the restaurant. I ate there about 3:00 on a sunny day and it was kind of hot. The air conditioning was definitely on, but with the building resembled a warehouse with high ceilings and not much insulation on the ceiling, so it didn't seem very effective.

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marina villatoro said...

I'm actaully eating a very similar meal as I read your blog:)


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