Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Orange Julius Smoothie

Friday, June 19 was free smoothie day at Orange Julius if you came in with the proper coupon printed from their website. Always on the lookout for free food, I of course utilized this offer. I went to the Orange Julius in Sanford's Seminole Towne Center Mall and was offered the choice of three light smoothies with 250 calories or less with the coupon. I chose the Berry-Pom Twilight smoothie.
Free Orange Julius Smoothie
Although it was free, I thought the smoothie was horrible. It tasted like a mix of apple and grape juice that was somehow thickened. Neither of these juices are my favorites so that didn't help the taste. Orange Julius also put all sorts of artificial sweeteners in the smoothie like Splenda. I am not afraid of sugar, so I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, and Splenda especially scares me. Google 'Splenda side effects' and look at all of the results that comes up. I couldn't find any scientific studies on the effects of Splenda, so I am a bit skeptical of all of the claims that come up, but it also seems like a whole lot of people are experiencing negative side effects that they are attributing to Splenda. When I make smoothies at home, I only put juice and fruit in them and the smoothies come out plenty sweet. I don't understand why restaurants always add extra sweetener to make their smoothies extra sweet. I drank about half of the smoothie and threw it away.
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Lisa M. said...

First question...why would you get a smoothie made of 2 juices you don't like?....second....why would you get a smoothie made with splenda if you dont like artificial sweeteners when it clearly says it in BOLD letters on their sign? Just wondering if you could answer that for me? Thanks! I went that day as well. And as always they were very friendly and nice to me. I agree that berry pom is not my favorite due to two fact...I don't like raspberry or pom but the straw delight and trop sunlight are very good. I get those on a regular basis. Seems kind of wrong that just because you got a smoothie for FREE (I might add) that you give such negative reviews when that location is awesome and very friendly.


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