Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gucci's Pizza in Marshall, TX

After a day of traveling, I ended up in Marshall, TX for the night. The motel clerk recommended Gucci's Restaurant as having the good Italian food, as opposed to the Italian restaurant right across the street. After eating, I really hope Gucci's can't speak for all Italian restaurants in Texas.
The pizza topped with half green peppers and half ground beef with a sesame seed crust was served. I am almost certain that Gucci's used pre-made pizza crusts. The crust was a horrible, dense, foamy bread. I say foamy because if the crust was poked with a fork, the holes would close up and appear that it was never stabbed. Although the crust had seemingly magical powers to heal itself, one thing it couldn't do was connect with cheese. Every bit of cheese, sauce, and topping slid right off the crust. Sometimes this happens if there is too much sauce on a pizza, but there was actually very little sauce on this pie. It's hard to tell exactly how much sauce the pizza started out with though because a lot of it got absorbed into the crust, making it kind of soggy. Perhaps this soggy crust couldn't provide a surface for the cheese to bond itself to.

Whatever caused the flaws with this pizza, I've had better pizzas than this pie from the frozen food section at the Supermarket...

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