Friday, August 27, 2010

Steak & Salad in Orlando, FL

I recently visited a small restaurant in Orlando called Steak & Salad. They had a split menu, serving both Turkish food and generic steak & salad. I was mostly interested in the Turkish side of the menu...
My meal started with an Eggplant Dip Salad appetizer.  It was very similar, if not the same to baba ghanoush. The eggplant salad had a consistency similar to hummus and was served with two slices of bread.
For my main course, I had the Chicken Kebabs. This came with three skewers with chicken, peppers, and onions served over a pita. Bulgur pilav was served on the side along with a parsley and onion salad. The flavors in the food were great and the prices were really reasonable as well. My meal cost a grand total of $7.99 and was plenty of food!

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