Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mix Frozen Yogurt in Orlando, FL

Mix Frozen Yogurt
Mix Frozen Yogurt is one of the newest self-serve yogurt shops in Orlando. They are located near UCF in a shopping center at the corner of Colonial and Alafaya. They are sort of hidden back there and I never noticed Mix until they were kind enough to invite me to try their yogurt! Now that I know where they are, I'll definitely be back!
Mix Frozen Yogurt
They had a very nice selection of sixteen different flavors of frozen yogurt.  
Yogurt Machines
They also had a large topping bar filled with fresh fruit, candies, cookies, and everything else imaginable that you could possibly want on yogurt.
Mix Frozen Yogurt
Fruit Toppings
Candy Corn
I tried four different flavors of yogurt. I had pumpkin, red velvet cake, strawberry, and tart yogurt. Pumpkin was my favorite out of the bunch, tasting like pumpkin pie.
I topped my yogurt with kiwi, raspberries, strawberry flavored boba, and some candy corn. With Halloween coming up soon, I had to add the candy corn to go with the pumpkin yogurt...
Mix Frozen Yogurt
Mix Frozen Yogurt is a great addition to Orlando's collection of places serving frozen yogurt. With the large selection of yogurt, big topping bar, and only costing $0.39/oz, how can you go wrong?

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how did you like the popping boba lol?

Watch Me Eat said...

Those were very different. I wasn't expecting the boba to pop like that!


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