Friday, October 22, 2010

Oasis Cuban Cafe in Longwood, FL

Oasis Cuban Cafe
I had dinner at Oasis Cuban Cafe in Longwood. Everyone's meal here started with a choice of soup or salad. I choose the salad, topped with beets, beans, and tomatoes.
Oasis Salad
I had the Pechuga a la Plancha for my main course. This was a tender chicken breast topped with grilled onions. The chicken came with congri rice (black beans & rice) and plantains on the side. Everything was good and was a whole lot of food!
Perhaps next time I'll try the pork...

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Aggie said...

love this place! everything I have had here is delicious...especially their sangria :)

Anonymous said...

Please review Meridian Court in Oviedo! Want to know what your take on it is. Thanks!


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