Monday, October 18, 2010

The Restaurant at Mayfair in Sanford, FL

Restaurant at Mayfair
The Restaurant at Mayfair is located inside of the Mayfair Country Club in Sanford. The restaurant provided a great view to watch the golfers, or in my case, look for the fox squirrels and sandhill cranes that hang out on the golf course.
Mayfair Golf Course
The restaurant was advertised as a buffet, but that wasn't quite the case. The food was all you can eat for $10, but it definitely wasn't a buffet. You ordered off a menu through the wait staff, who then went to the kitchen and picked up your food from the hidden buffet and then served it to your table.

Plate #1 consisted of a shrimp croquette, polish sausage, and mashed potatoes.
Restaurant at Mayfair: Plate #1
Plate #2 came with beans and macaroni & cheese.
Restaurant at Mayfair: Plate #2
Finally, plate #3 was a piece of fried catfish.
Restaurant at Mayfair: Plate #3
In concept, this restaurant could have worked. The problem was it took a while for the food to be brought out, even though I got the feeling that it was all pre-cooked and microwaveable. The food itself also reminded me a bit too much of what is served at a Ponderosa or Sizzler. I think The Restaurant at Mayfair would be much improved if they got rid of the kind-of buffet concept and switched to a menu serving better quality food that's cooked to order.

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