Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BurgerFi in Lake Mary, FL

BurgerFi is a chain that is spreading throughout the Central Florida area. I first heard of Burgerfi when I tried one of their South Florida locations in Delray Beach. Since that initial exposure to the chain, they have opened locations in Winter Park, Lake Mary, and there are plans for a third location in Altamonte Springs. This post is specifically talking about their Lake Mary location.
We ended up here one afternoon for lunch because I was dining with a dog owner. Not many places along Lake Mary Boulevard seem to be dog friendly, but this BurgerFi seems to welcome dogs with water bowls spread throughout the outdoor dining area.
On this visit, I tried their B.A.D. Burger. This stood for Breakfast All Day and consisted of the burger, American cheese, hickory bacon drizzled with maple syrup, fried egg, hash browns, grilled diced onions, and ketchup. I've never been a huge fan of burgers for some reason but I wanted to try one of BurgerFi's much hyped burgers to see if they were really exceptional. Honestly, it didn't do much for me. The beef was dry and bland. I couldn't detect the flavor of the egg or the hashed browns. The bacon and cheese were tasty, but the overall strongest flavor on the sandwich was ketchup. There was definitely far too much ketchup on this burger. 
We also shared the Cry & Fries. This consisted of three huge onion rings over a basket of fries. The onion rings here are good. The fries are forgettable.
I suppose BurgerFi is alright for what it is when it comes to fast food burger places. I'd pick BurgerFi over Burger King or McDonalds any day, but burgers just don't do much for me...

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