Friday, May 17, 2013

The After Party Food Truck in Orlando, FL

It seems like I've been on a bit of a kick of trying the International Drive food trucks lately. Not long after I tried the Kosher on Wheels truck, I visited The After Party.
The After Party parks in a strip mall at the intersection of International and Carrier Drive, not far from Magical Midway. As implied by the name, The After Party opens in the evenings and serves food until the early morning hours. This truck apparently serves Brazilian style hamburgers and other sandwiches. Their logo on the side of the truck featured a picture of a burger and the tagline Best Sandwiches in Town. I was about to find out if that was true.
I ordered a sandwich called the Chicken Xtravaganza. This consisted of a huge variety of ingredients, including shredded chicken, ham, sausage, cheese, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, onions, corn, peas, and potato sticks. I could be forgetting some of the components of this sandwich too. With everything on this sandwich, it definitely lived up to the xtravaganza name. More importantly, it was very tasty as well. I would never think to put peas or corn on a sandwich but it definitely worked. I will definitely return to The After Party at some point to try some more of their sandwiches...
My visit to The After Party reminded me once again how much fun dining at random food trucks at the side of the road can be. Food truck events are one thing, but when there's just one truck, all by its self, the experience is very different and very enjoyable...

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